What's the big idea?

Well.... there are races for every conceivable type of two wheeled motorised contraption, from the lowly moped right through to the top fuel stretched out multi engined drag bikes, but what is there for the "grey porridge" slugging sidevalvers, those low budget, low tech ... er ... low speed and totally uninspired motorcycles produced in their thousands from the 1930's through to the 1960's from factories all over the world.
So here's the challenge. Find yourself an old sidevalve slogger, complete bike, or just the motor, and get yourself into the shed to build it into a ripsnortin, quartermilin, tarmac burnin sprint bike. Take it to your local club's sprint, take it to Bonneville, run it by your local gatso (the management do not accept responsibility for your actions ;) ) and get yourself a recognised official top speed... compare this to the factory stated top speed for your motor and email your proof and the "margin" to us here at the blog, we will post your "record" up on line with a pic of your bike to be bettered or remain as the set record for your class..... no big money prizes. no trophies.. just some good old fashioned competition thats open to all comers from all over the world... simple!

The Spirit of The Challenge
This is intended to be a low budget affair, we dont want to set limits on what you spend on your "project" but the idea is that you can take any old sidevalve bike and improve on its top speed and keep improving it with others working away doing the same with their own chosen machine, be it a BSA C10 or a Norton Big Four, its all about the gain in top speed.... we look forward to seeing pictures of your supercharged C10 in action.

Essentially anything goes, so long as the motor retains the same number of valves it left the factory with.

IOE's will be accepeted for the challenge.... no IOU's !

The Classes.
Premier Class - any sidevalve motorcycle up to 650cc unfaired
(nose cone fairings under 12" diameter inclusive)
Premier Class Faired - obvious innit!
Premier Class Sidecar - as above, with or without fairing with a proper sidecar fitted, must be able to carry a 1cwt load and or a windowcleaners ladder!
Outlaw Class - any sidevalve motorcycle engine capacity unlimited, un faired
Outlaw Class Faired
Outlaw Class Sidecar
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